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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: the latest government measures
A round-up of the latest measures imposed in the Netherlands to try to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Group immunity is not the main aim of Dutch measures, says health chief

The head of the Dutch public health institute explains why the Netherlands has not yet gone for total lockdown. Netherland News
We are aiming for maximum control of coronavirus, prime minister says
Mark Rutte’s speech to the nation, outlining the Dutch approach and calling on people to take care of each other.

Don’t travel abroad, says the government

The Dutch recommends against all nonessential travel, and are struggling to bring back an estimated 50,000 holidaymakers. Netherland Medical News
Ministers unveil package to save jobs, incomes, and companies
Details of the government’s multi-billion euro package to boost the economy, including links to official explanations in English.
Locals get corona creative: here’s how
Ideas of how you can help the local community and make sure small businesses survive.

What to do when you are self-isolating: tips

Beef up your cooking, do the garden and binge watch tv? There is more to do than that.
Coronavirus in the Netherlands: more of your questions answered
Can I walk the dog, should I cancel my birthday and where can I find out official government information. Netherland Political News

Coronavirus and your rights at work: questions and answers

Lawyers from GMW on your rights as a worker with regard to working from home and holiday pay.
Turkish, Polish, Chinese or German? Another language Dutch news Netherland Business News
A round-up of other language sources of Dutch news, including coverage of the coronavirus crisis.

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