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Coronavirus in the Netherlands: new government measures

The Dutch government introduced a raft of new measures to combat Netherland coronavirus on March 23. These include:
  • All gatherings to be banned up to June 1, but an exception will be made for funerals and church weddings.
  • People should remain home unless they have to go out to work, to do shopping or to care for other people.
  • You can go out for a walk, but not in a group. Keep 1.5 metres away from other people.
  • No more than three people should visit in your home at the same time, and only then if they can keep 1.5 metres apart Netherland News
  • If any member of a family is ill, the entire family should stay home, apart from people in an essential profession
  • Shops and public transport companies must take measures to ensure people remain 1.5 metres apart.
  • Companies which do not comply can be fined €4,000
  • Services which involve direct contact with others, such as hairdressers and nail bars, are closed until April 6.
  • Mayors have the power to close areas where people gather in larger groups, such as parks and beaches. People who do not stick to the rules can be fined €400. 

Earlier measures include:
  • Schools and daycare centres are to be closed up to and including April 6 Netherland Medical News
  • Schools and daycare centres will provide supervision for the children of healthcare, public transport and emergency service workers, so they can continue to work.
  • Teachers will organise distance learning for children who are at home, with priority for children who are due to take final exams this year. Netherland Political News
  • Cafes and restaurants, but not hotels, are closed up to and including April 6
  • Sports clubs, fitness centres, gyms and sex clubs to close up to and including April 6
  • Work from home if possible or stagger your working times.
Ministers have said they will announce whether measures introduced to run up to April 6 will be extended within ‘plenty of time’. Netherland Distribution Services

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