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The Dutch ban gatherings until June 1, give mayors more powers, bring in fines

The Netherlands has brought in a ban on all organised gatherings of more than three people until June 1 and will give mayors the power to fine people who break the rules – including those who do not keep 1.5 metres from others.
The tough new measures were announced by justice minister Ferd Grapperhaus at a news conference on Monday evening, following a meeting of the government’s crisis committee with health and security experts.
The key to our success is our own behaviour,’ Grapperhaus said. ‘Do not go out unless you have to leave to go to work, or do do shopping. Go shopping alone. And if you do want to go for a walk, don’t go in a group.’ Netherland News
Grapperhaus said he realised the ban on gatherings to June 1 – which means all the festivals being organised for Liberation Day – will be hard for a lot of people.
‘But we have no other choice to combat coronavirus,’ Grapperhaus said. By giving the date now, organisers can adapt their planning, the minister said. Netherland Medical News
Mayors are also to be given emergency powers to ban groups of three or more people from being together if they are not keeping the 1.5 metres distance and to close parts of their towns and cities where people are flouting the law.

Schools are shutoff for 1 month

A decision on whether or not keeping schools, cafes and restaurants should remain closed will be taken on or around April 6 as planned, ministers said. The closure has also now been applied to hairdressers and nail studios.
Grapperhaus also said in answer to questions later that informal school groups would also be subjected to fines. Netherland Political News
Shops will have to make sure the measures they are introducing to keep customers apart are displayed at the entrance. Shops which do not keep the rules will be subject to fines of up to €4,000.
Mayors will also be able to close food markets if they do not have the facilities to ensure people do not stand 1.5 metres apart. Netherlands Distribution Services

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