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We are aiming for ‘maximum control’ of coronavirus, PM tells the Dutch

The Netherlands is adopting a strategy of ‘maximum control’ to deal with the spread of coronavirus, prime minister Mark Rutte said in a televised speech to the nation on Monday evening.

Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know

The aim, he said, is to try to spread the peak infection over a longer period, ‘while we build up immunity’. This means that hospitals and intensive care units are not overburdened and they have the capacity to help the people most in need, Rutte said. Netherland News
The rules that the government has introduced to try to stem the virus are ‘unknown in peacetime’, the prime minister said. And in a message aimed at older people and people in bad health, Rutte said: ‘I understand you are worried.’
‘It’s our priority to make the risks for you as small as possible,’ he said. ‘We all have questions: what can I do to protect myself and the people around me? Can my birthday go ahead, or my wedding, and why does one country have one rule and another other.’ Netherland Medical News
The the answer, he said, begins with the knowledge and the experience of experts. It is, he said, of great importance to be steered by science.
The the advice of experts has been leading in all decisions taken since the the virus made it to the Netherlands, Rutte said. ‘And it is important that we keep steering by that compass of scientific knowledge and reliable facts.’

Immunity Check-Ups in Netherland

Many people in the The Netherlands will develop the virus in the coming period and the more people who are immune, the less the chance to spread it to the elderly and people with poor health.
‘It will take months to build this up and in the meantime we must protect people,’ Rutte said. ‘Our choice is to go for maximum control, to lower the infection peak and spread it out over a longer period while we build up immunity and don’t overload hospitals and intensive care departments.’
Another option, to let the disease spread quickly, Netherland Political News will put too big a burden on the care system, Rutte said. ‘We must avoid this at all cost,’ he told his television audience. The third option, to close down the country and try to keep it out, will take months or longer, with all the consequences which will involve it. Netherland Distribution Service

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