Apex Legends Hacked Over Holiday Weekend, Respawn Responds

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Both Titanfall games person go a mainstay successful the competitory shooter space. Fluid physics and choky gunplay person kept the servers active agelong aft the incredibly fashionable Apex Legends catapulted to stardom. However, DDoS attacks perpetually plague the Titanfall acquisition and a radical of hackers took it upon themselves to marque Respawn much alert of the issue. 

Nobody wants to perceive devs kick erstwhile DDoS attacks are inactive a occupation we haven't solved. But this nonfiction is right.

I was holding my newborn nephew erstwhile I recovered retired astir the Apex hack. Had to manus him back, spell work, and miss retired connected a time with family.https://t.co/i3sZkrZ760

— Ryan K. Rigney (@RKRigney) July 6, 2021

Apex Legends was down for a fig of players this past weekend, but Respawn’s Director of Communications, Ryan Rigney, has assured the assemblage that determination were nary detriments and that the hackers yet “achieved thing of value.” When loading into the main lobby of Apex Legends, players were greeted with a connection that read, “TF1 is being attacked truthful is Apex.” These threats replaced the mean crippled modes making the conflict royale virtually unplayable. And anyone who could someway negociate to get into a match, was met with a enactment of substance that said to “visit and repost savetitanfall.com.” You tin work the Twitter thread above.

In a bid of effect tweets, Rigney confirmed that the dev squad has been moving tirelessly to combat the DDoS concern that Titanfall players face, but matters similar these are ne'er casual to remedy, “The squad has ne'er stopped moving connected DDoS solutions, and anti-cheat is conscionable a never-ending warfare of whack-a-mole. On the DDoS front, we WILL lick this. When we do, I committedness you it won't beryllium due to the fact that hackers 'made america aware' by ruining a holiday.” In immoderate case, Apex Legends is yet backmost to normal. This means players tin dive (quite literally) into the latest Genesis Collection Event to drawback caller cosmetics and play connected the vanilla versions of Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge.

Any Titanfall players retired determination that person been experiencing DDoS issues? Any Apex Legends players retired determination that were affected by the hack? Let america cognize your thoughts connected the authorities of the concern successful the comments below!

[Source: PC Gamer]

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