Biden Speaks on Afghanistan Pullout as Taliban Gain Ground

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Politics|Biden makes his lawsuit connected U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan arsenic the Taliban summation ground.

President Joe Biden delivered remarks connected  continued drawdown efforts successful  Afghanistan astatine  the White House connected  Thursday.
Credit...Sarahbeth Maney/The New York Times
  • July 8, 2021, 8:16 a.m. ET

President Biden made an impassioned lawsuit connected Thursday that the United States could nary longer spend the quality outgo oregon strategical distraction of warring the warfare successful Afghanistan, arguing that the United States had achieved its archetypal nonsubjective — routing Al Qaeda from the state and hunting down Osama bin Laden — and that Afghanistan’s authorities and forces indispensable beryllium liable for their ain future.

He said each American combat troops would beryllium retired of the state by Aug. 31, and said the American drawdown “is proceeding successful a unafraid and orderly mode prioritizing the information of our troops arsenic they depart.”

“We did not spell to Afghanistan to nation-build,” Mr. Biden said from the East Room of the White House. “And it’s the close and the work of Afghan radical unsocial to determine their aboriginal and however they privation to tally their country.”

Mr. Biden’s speech, conscionable days aft the U.S. pulled retired of Bagram Air Base, which was the operations halfway of the 20-year war, marked his ceremonial acknowledgment that the U.S. could not change the country’s course.

“No federation has ever unified Afghanistan, nary nation. Empires person gone determination and not done it,’’ helium said successful a notation to the British concern of the state successful the 19th period and the Soviet effort to summation power 3 decades ago. Both efforts failed, and Mr. Biden was, successful essence, adding the United States to the list.

“I volition not nonstop different procreation of Americans to warfare successful Afghanistan with nary tenable anticipation of achieving a antithetic outcome,’’ Mr. Biden said. But successful answering questions from reporters aft his prepared remarked, helium besides rejected the contention that American quality had concluded that Kabul, the capital, could fall, and said it would not beryllium comparable to what happened successful Saigon successful 1975, erstwhile the North Vietnamese took implicit the south.

“There is going to beryllium nary condition successful which you are going to spot radical being lifted disconnected the extortion of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan,’’ Mr. Biden contended. At different constituent helium added: “I spot the capableness of the Afghan military.”

The departure of American troops has been accompanied by reports of progressively dire situations connected the crushed arsenic section government forces crumble earlier the Taliban, which is gaining territory arsenic it nears Kabul. In the span of conscionable implicit 2 months, the Taliban person managed to prehend astatine slightest 150 of Afghanistan’s 421 districts.

Mr. Biden seemed to admit that world erstwhile helium said to reporters, “The ngo hasn’t failed — yet.”

In an interrogation connected Fox News connected Wednesday, John Kirby, the Pentagon spokesman, said that the Biden medication continued to “push for a negotiated peaceful, governmental settlement,” portion adding that the Pentagon inactive had the quality to enactment Afghan forces adjacent without a ceremonial beingness successful the country.

“We are each acrophobic astir the information concern the ground,” Mr. Kirby said. “There’s nary question astir that.”

Only 650 troops are expected to stay successful the state to support the U.S. Embassy successful Kabul and Kabul International Airport. But officials person said that the Pentagon would beryllium authorized, astatine slightest done September, to move 300 further troops into Afghanistan if needed for information oregon emergencies.

Air enactment for the Afghan forces and overhead surveillance tin besides beryllium flown successful from American bases successful Qatar oregon the United Arab Emirates, oregon from an craft bearer successful the Arabian Sea. But it is unclear however agelong the United States volition support that benignant of support.

As the Taliban consolidates powerfulness successful Afghanistan, the menace to American allies who stay successful the state grows. Senior officials person said that the Biden medication is preparing to relocate thousands of Afghan interpreters, drivers and others who worked with American forces to different countries successful an effort to support them harmless portion they use for introduction to the United States.

In his remarks, Mr. Biden besides touched connected plans for humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan, an contented that came up past week erstwhile Afghanistan’s president, Ashraf Ghani, visited the White House. The Biden medication has committed $266 cardinal successful humanitarian assistance and $3.3 cardinal successful information assistance. It has besides pledged 3 cardinal doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and oxygen supplies, arsenic efforts to code the latest question of the coronavirus person been hampered by warring successful the area.

“I stressed successful my gathering conscionable 2 weeks agone with President Ghani and Chairman Abdullah, Afghan leaders person to travel unneurotic and thrust toward a aboriginal that the Afghan radical privation and they deserve,” Mr. Biden said successful his remarks.

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