Darnella Frazier’s Uncle Is Killed in Minneapolis Police Car Crash

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A Minneapolis constabulary serviceman slammed his conveyance into Leneal Frazier’s car portion chasing a antithetic car. His niece Darnella Frazier said his decease was a “big loss” for her family.

A Minneapolis constabulary  serviceman  was pursuing a fishy  erstwhile   helium  crashed into Leneal Frazier’s car, sidesplitting  him.
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Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs

Published July 7, 2021Updated July 8, 2021, 11:54 a.m. ET

For much than a year, Darnella Frazier has struggled with the trauma that came from witnessing — and signaling — George Floyd’s pleas arsenic helium struggled for aerial nether the unyielding genu of a Minneapolis constabulary officer. Mr. Floyd was a alien to her, but his decease has haunted her ever since.

This week, Ms. Frazier suffered an adjacent much idiosyncratic calamity involving the Minneapolis constabulary erstwhile an serviceman who was pursuing a robbery fishy crashed into her uncle’s car successful an intersection, sidesplitting him.

Leneal Frazier, 40, was pronounced dormant astatine a infirmary aft the clang that occurred conscionable aft midnight connected Tuesday, the aesculapian examiner said. The serviceman was treated for superior injuries that were not life-threatening, the constabulary said. The robbery fishy got away.

“Minneapolis constabulary has outgo my full household a large loss,” Ms. Frazier, 18, wrote connected Facebook. She said she had precocious spent clip with her uncle astatine the formation and that, if she had known it was the past clip she would spot him, she would person “hugged you truthful overmuch longer, told you I emotion you mode harder.”

The pursuit began erstwhile an serviceman tried to halt a stolen car that the constabulary person connected to respective robberies of businesses, John Elder, a spokesperson for the Minneapolis Police Department, said successful a statement.

The car sped away, and the serviceman chased it northbound on the Mississippi River for a small implicit a mile earlier the officer’s car crashed into Mr. Frazier’s successful the mediate of an intersection. Another car was besides struck, but its passengers were not injured, Mr. Elder said. He said helium did not cognize whether the constabulary serviceman oregon Mr. Frazier had the greenish light, and a spokesperson for the Minnesota State Patrol, which is overseeing the investigation, said helium was prohibited by instrumentality from answering questions until the enquiry was complete.

Photographs from the country showed respective mangled cars, including a constabulary S.U.V. and a conveyance that appeared to person crashed into a autobus stop. Broken solid could beryllium seen scattered crossed the sidewalk.

In her societal media post, Ms. Frazier questioned wherefore the constabulary had continued to pursuit the robbery fishy done a residential portion of North Minneapolis. Her uncle’s decease “hurts antithetic due to the fact that helium had NOTHING to bash with this,” she wrote.

The clang highlighted the imaginable information of constabulary chases, which termination hundreds of radical each year, galore of them bystanders oregon passengers. A fig of constabulary departments person imposed restrictions connected conveyance pursuits successful caller years.

The Minneapolis Police Department revised its policy connected pursuits in 2019 to necessitate officers to extremity a pursuit if it poses “an unreasonable risk” to the public.

The State Patrol volition springiness its findings to section prosecutors erstwhile the enquiry is completed, a spokesperson said.

Mr. Frazier’s decease was not the archetypal clip that those connected to Mr. Floyd person faced further calamity involving the police. Daunte Wright, the 20-year-old antheral changeable to decease by a constabulary serviceman successful a Minneapolis suburb during the proceedings of Derek Chauvin, was a erstwhile student of Mr. Floyd’s girlfriend, Courteney Ross.


Darnella Frazier, 3rd  from right, uses her cellphone to grounds   the apprehension  of George Floyd connected  May 25, 2020.
Credit...Minneapolis Police, via Reuters

Ms. Frazier wrote connected Facebook that “another Black antheral mislaid his beingness successful the hands of the police,” though she added successful a aboriginal station that she was not implying that his decease was due to the fact that of his race. “I honestly don’t adjacent cognize the contention of the cop,” she said. “I conscionable cognize it was a constabulary serviceman down the wheel.”

The Police Department identified the serviceman arsenic Brian Cummings.

In 2013, the parent of a 15-year-old miss sued Officer Cummings and different officer, saying that they had twisted the girl’s limb and thrown her connected the crushed portion responding to a 911 telephone unrelated to the girl. The suit said that 1 serviceman laid connected apical of her portion the different serviceman kicked her; the parties reached an undisclosed settlement.

In 2019, a antheral who suffers from bipolar upset sued the aforesaid 2 officers, saying that Mr. Cummings’s spouse had unreasonably utilized a Taser connected him and that Mr. Cummings had failed to halt him; the City of Minneapolis settled with the antheral for $10,000, but the officers denied immoderate wrongdoing.

Ben Crump, the civilian rights lawyer who has represented the families of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and galore different radical killed by the police, said connected Thursday that Mr. Frazier’s household had retained him and Jeff Storms, a lawyer successful Minneapolis.

The lawyers said successful a connection that Ms. Frazier “has present doubly been straight impacted by lethal practices of the Minneapolis Police Department.” They said constabulary chases should beryllium uncommon and that officers indispensable debar putting bystanders successful danger.

Ms. Frazier was 17 erstwhile she witnessed Mr. Floyd’s decease successful May 2020. She testified during Mr. Chauvin’s proceedings that she had been walking her 9-year-old relative to a convenience store successful South Minneapolis for immoderate snacks erstwhile they saw the constabulary pinning Mr. Floyd to the ground. The video she took contradicted the constabulary relationship that Mr. Floyd had suffered a “medical incident” and prompted the constabulary chief, successful little than 24 hours, to occurrence the 4 officers who had been astatine the scene.

Mr. Chauvin was recovered blameworthy of second-degree execution successful April and, past month, was sentenced to 22 and a fractional years successful prison. The 3 different erstwhile officers who were astatine the country are facing charges of aiding and abetting second-degree execution and manslaughter. They and Mr. Chauvin are besides facing national charges of violating Mr. Floyd’s law rights.

At Mr. Chauvin’s trial, prosecutors showed Ms. Frazier’s video successful afloat during their opening statement. They played portions of it respective much times during the trial, and Ms. Frazier testified that she had been haunted by not being capable to prevention Mr. Floyd’s life.

“When I look astatine George Floyd, I look astatine my dad, I look astatine my brothers, I look astatine my cousins, my uncles, due to the fact that they’re each Black,” Ms. Frazier testified successful tribunal successful March. She added, “I look astatine however that could person been 1 of them.”

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