Diadora Chairman: "Sustainability must be something you are, not something you do“

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Diadora Chairman: "Sustainability indispensable beryllium thing you are, not thing you do“

Diadora was calved successful 1948 arsenic a upland footwear producer. Since then, it has grown into an planetary subordinate successful the sports, lifestyle, and inferior (safety) markets for shoes. Today, the marque is contiguous successful much than 60 countries crossed the satellite and is continuing its enlargement acknowledgment to a immense array of products belonging to 3 antithetic categories: footwear and apparel, centered connected athletics show lines - with a peculiar absorption connected running, tennis and shot - connected manner and style, with the high-end Heritage postulation and an municipality Sportswear enactment and safety. Fashion United spoke to Enrico Moretti Polegato, Chairman of Diadora astir his plans for competing successful the highly competitory sports market, his plans for the German market, and the accumulation enactment successful his location country.

In the German market, you are contiguous some with sportswear arsenic good arsenic with your inferior lines. How bash you summarize Diadora’s positioning successful Germany?

Sports is the marque individuality of Diadora. Even though we person 3 antithetic branches of activity, the caller projects are ever calved from sports. In Germany, we privation to beryllium identified by sports, but we are contiguous with each our 3 branches. In Sports, we are moving successful Running, Tennis, and Football.

The main operator of our growth, including Germany, is successful Running, wherever we are contiguous successful the astir important moving income points. We are inactive astatine the opening of our strategy of enlargement successful the German marketplace but we already spot the archetypal precise affirmative income results. In F/W 21 we volition beryllium contiguous successful 67 doors. And we are readying a important maturation for S/S 22. In Running, our individuality is based connected innovation, successful particular, connected our patented Blushield technology, a footwear that guarantees stableness portion running, which is bully for pronators and supinators alike. Innovation is simply a changeless process and we conscionable launched a caller moving footwear called Volo, a lightweight moving shoe.

In Sportswear, we are contiguous successful Germany successful high-end doors, particularly with our Heritage collection. Heritage is our luxury enactment and comprises re-editions of our humanities sports shoes adapted into sportswear, but not arsenic show shoes.

In Safety, our extremity is to beryllium the astir innovative information marque successful the world, due to the fact that we privation to lend to the wellbeing of the idiosyncratic done innovation. One of our main innovations is the Net Airbox, developed successful collaboration with our sister institution Geox, a breathing exertion for information shoes. Another precise important caller merchandise is Glove Eco, an innovative information footwear with sustainable features successful each component. It volition beryllium sold worldwide done precise selected retailers. We are increasing consistently successful the German-speaking markets with safety.

How bash you vie successful the moving marketplace with giants similar Nike and Adidas?

The contention forces america to beryllium different. This attack pays successful presumption of the fantabulous figures of the American market. The marketplace is practically owned by a fewer large players, but our figures are increasing by treble digits each year. These performances are besides owed to our blend of authenticity successful sports - we’ve been making sports shoes for the past 73 years - and our Italian style, arsenic good arsenic precise adjacent attraction to our clients.

Diadora has recommissioned an aged accumulation installation successful Caerano di San Marco (Treviso) that had been unopen down for much than 15 years. A fewer years ago, we wrote that you wanted to nutrient 100.000 pairs of shoes successful the revived factory. Did that program enactment out?

Yes, we are present astir 5 percent of our accumulation Made successful Italy. Our in-house accumulation enactment includes the Glove Eco, and the astir important practice shoes made by Diadora. In the future, we volition summation that percentage. A sister task to the re-shoring to Italy is near-shoring which we besides privation to absorption on. The extremity is to person a shorter proviso chain.

In your Utility subdivision you present connection a caller work of customization. Tell america much astir that.

As portion of the wide digitalization strategy successful B2C and B2B, successful a fewer months, we volition motorboat a caller in-house e-commerce website, portion a fewer weeks agone we offered our clients a caller customization service, a personalization accidental for information apparel successful Diadora Utility. Our clients tin personalize online their azygous with their logo oregon a institution representation oregon immoderate other they wish.

With the Eco Glove, you’ve stepped ft onto the tract of sustainability. Will you rotation it retired onto different models?

I privation to rotation retired sustainability connected the full company, not lone connected the product. It has to beryllium thing you are and not thing you do. As quality beings, we consume. So, I judge we should enactment sustainably successful some our idiosyncratic and nonrecreational lives. What we tin bash is amended measurement by measurement conscionable similar successful athletics .. So far, arsenic a company, we person acted successful 3 channels. We’ve had the proviso concatenation and each of our suppliers certified and audited by an autarkic entity called EcoVadis. Our office excessively person been certified by EcoVadis, and awarded gold, meaning that we are among the apical 5 percent of companies they audit.

We are besides moving connected the products and aft Glove Eco we volition soon motorboat a sustainable mentation of our different iconic models. We person already renounced immoderate materials that are not successful enactment with our sustainability policy, namely kangaroo leather, which was utilized for shot shoes. We person besides substituted the packaging of our shoeboxes of the Heritage enactment with a peculiar worldly made of excess seaweed from marine environments. And determination is much to travel successful presumption of sustainable products.

We are besides moving to marque the institution itself sustainable. We person abolished the usage of plastics successful the HQ, similar bottles and cups and successful the adjacent future, the vigor consumed successful our office volition beryllium 100 percent renewable.

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