How to enable Extreme Battery Saver on a Pixel

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If you've recovered yourself successful a concern wherever you indispensable spot oregon person an important call, lone to find your Pixel artillery astir to die, you tin ever crook to the Extreme Battery Saver mode.


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The different day, my wife's Pixel 4 coiled up with lone 1% artillery remaining, and it was mid-day. I realized, aft the fact, that she had 251 tabs unfastened connected Chrome (which was the evident crushed her instrumentality artillery wasn't lasting longer than 8 hours). But I didn't person clip (or artillery power) to troubleshoot the problem, truthful alternatively I had to alteration the Extreme Battery Saver, truthful she could person a alternatively important call.

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This diagnostic is lone disposable connected Pixel devices, and it tin earnestly prevention the day. What the Extreme Battery Saver does is intermission everything but indispensable apps, specified arsenic Phone, Message, Clock and Settings, and besides reduces CPU processing speed, truthful it ekes retired adjacent much artillery life. You can, of course, configure what apps the diagnostic volition allow, but the default database is what you privation if you find yourself successful a sticky concern wherever your artillery is astir to dice and you person that 1 important telephone telephone to marque oregon receive.

So however bash you alteration this feature? Let maine amusement you.

What you'll request

The Extreme Battery Saver diagnostic is lone disposable connected Pixel devices. Although it started retired connected the Pixel 5, it has trickled down to older models. So if you person a Pixel phone, you should beryllium bully to go.

How to configure the Extreme Battery Saver connected a Pixel

Open the Settings app and pat Battery. In the resulting model (Figure A), pat Battery Saver.

Figure A


The Battery Saver introduction successful the Android Settings app.

In the caller window, pat Extreme Battery Saver (Figure B).

Figure B


We're astir to acceptable up the Extreme Battery Saver connected a Pixel 5.

In the adjacent screen, pat When to use, which volition past punctual you to prime from Ask Every Time, Always Use oregon Never Use (Figure C).

Figure C


Selecting erstwhile you privation the Extreme Battery Saver to beryllium used.

 Select Always Use and past backmost retired of the Settings app.

How to crook connected the Extreme Battery Saver 

Now that we've configured the Extreme Battery Saver to beryllium utilized immoderate clip the Battery Saver diagnostic is on, you request to cognize however to usage it. The champion mode to bash this is from the Quick Tiles feature. Pull down the Notification Shade doubly and swipe near oregon close until you spot the Battery Saver tile (Figure D).

Figure D


The Battery Saver speedy tile.

Tap the Battery Saver speedy tile to alteration the feature, which volition (in turn) footwear connected the Extreme Battery Saver. With this enabled, you should beryllium capable to instrumentality attraction of those important tasks, earlier your artillery dies.

How to exclude apps from pausing successful Extreme Battery Saver

If there's a peculiar app you privation to support using, adjacent erstwhile the Extreme Battery Saver diagnostic is successful use, you tin spell backmost to Settings | Battery | Battery Saver | Extreme Battery Saver | Essential apps. In that model (Figure E), pat the checkbox for each app you privation to opt-out of the Extreme Battery Saver feature.

Figure E


Opting apps retired of the Extreme Battery Saver diagnostic is but a pat away.

Make sure, erstwhile you've plugged your Pixel telephone into a charger, to disable the Battery Saver mode, otherwise, you'll find the apps you privation to usage won't function.

And that's each determination is to ensuring your Pixel doesn't dice connected you conscionable arsenic you're astir to spot oregon person that important telephone call. You don't privation to autumn unfortunate to a fearfulness oregon thriller movie trope by having your artillery dice erstwhile you astir request it.

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