New Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Gives The People Want They Want, "Juicy" Sexy Hanar

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Earlier today, I covered a beauteous dense taxable dealing with maltreatment and misconduct. That heaviness, particularly erstwhile coming from a spot of acquisition successful a akin vein, tin marque your bosom hurt. So, due to the fact that of that, I inquire that you carnivore with maine arsenic I constitute thing truthful delightfully anserine to marque myself smile, and hopefully, you grin too. So. Let's speech sexy hanar successful Mass Effect Legendary Edition, shall we? 

There are a batch of mods for Mass Effect Legendary Edition truthful far, much truthful precocious since BioWare made it easier to entree helium required code. Last week, we covered a nifty one that restored a longstanding glitch concerning the 1 and lone Conrad Verner, this week, we're talking "juicy" hanar. It's called balance, sweetie. 

Created by modder u/Grixdale, the Sexier Hanar mod present comes with "100% much nips." It's a jesting mod, truthful don't instrumentality it excessively seriously, but excessively hilariously weird not to constitute up. The mod creator made this mod successful joking retaliation to those that complained astir a erstwhile N7 Body Con Dress mod that eliminated panty lines and covered nipples, truthful present they enactment each those hidden nippes connected the hanar alternatively due to the fact that beingness is chaos and we're each going to dice anyway. 

"I took the nipples I nary longer needed connected the n7 formal and gave them to Blasto and the remainder of the Hanar connected the Citadel," said the mod's creator. "I anticipation the tone of Susan B. Anthony is arrogant of me, due to the fact that I took feminism from the 1900s and pushed america guardant into 2186." That past portion was added arsenic a notation to those complaints against the erstwhile mod centering astir removing the nipples seen arsenic an onslaught connected feminism. This hanar mod is wild, y'all. 

Anyway, if you privation those juicy hanar nippes successful Mass Effect, you tin marque your dreams a world close here. You tin besides larn much astir Mass Effect Legendary Editions, including heavy quality dives, with our dedicated crippled hub here

Admit it, you privation this mod. Sound disconnected with however overmuch of a enactment of creation it is successful the remark conception below. Blasto would privation you to. 

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