Treat Yo Self To A Giant Mountain Dew Body Pillow, Because You're Worth It

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Why question quality comfortableness erstwhile you could person a gigantic Mountain Dew assemblage pillow instead? That's right; Mountain Dew is taking its marketing to a new, comfy level with a humongous assemblage pillow modeled aft the sugary, high-fueled brushed drink. Do you request one? No. Should you get 1 anyway? Absolutely. And you tin bash conscionable that present due to the fact that these comfy pieces of creation are going connected merchantability contiguous done the Mountain Dew store (yes, the portion has a store). 

We're nearing the extremity of a planetary pandemic, hopefully, and you cognize what that means? We merit bully things. If the Tali from Mass Effect assemblage pillow that we shared yesterday isn't your thing, bash the dew instead: 

Given that this is 1 of the unofficial-yet-official Gamer Drinks Of Choice™, this meme-able portion of merch is really benignant of cool. Even if not for canoodling similar the bully man above. Wrap it astir you similar a pillow burrito portion gaming for comfort, oregon equine it up connected your beforehand doorway to fto your neighbors cognize you're wholly disconnected your rocker. Dealer's choice! 

“The Dew Body Pillow is simply a larger-than-life replica of a Mountain Dew bottle, cleanable for those cold, wintertime nights erstwhile each you request is the comfortableness of your Mountain Dew to springiness you those warm, fuzzy feelings,” says an authoritative property merchandise astir the latest Mountain Dew portion of memorabilia. A spokesperson astatine Mountain Dew added, jokingly telling Game Informer: "Post-pandemic dating has taken a crook for the worse. Ghosting has go the caller normal, and it’s lone expected to emergence arsenic things vigor up this summer. If you oregon a loved 1 person fallen unfortunate to ghosting, you whitethorn beryllium entitled to cuddle compensation. So hide the lawyer fees, and effort your accidental astatine winning your precise own Dew assemblage pillow."

Real talk? I'm going to stone the crap retired of this. My spouse mightiness privation to execution me, but it'd look beauteous swanky adjacent to my Garrus assemblage pillow due to the fact that who needs self-respect erstwhile you person comfortableness similar this? 

This cozy portion of astonishing is slated to spell unrecorded successful the Mountain Dew Store today. When this nonfiction was written, the listing wasn't unrecorded yet, but you tin spam that refresh fastener similar huffy with this nexus here erstwhile they bash travel up for grabs. 

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